Cybex Eagle Chest Press 11000


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The Cybex Eagle chest press features Dual Axis Technology that provides exercise versatility for the most complete workout. This strength training machine enables choosing between either the machine-defined or user-defined pattern of motion. It also utilizes independent movement system that enables training each arm according to its needs and balance the workout when one arm is weaker or injured. Independent movement encourages symmetrical strength development and also allows for bilateral reciprocal training. The Cybex Eagle chest press utilizes the converging path of motion that ensures that exercising routine follows the natural way the human arms move (forward and to the center, not straight ahead). The machine also provides more complete range of motion with constant torque at the shoulder. The chess press features the unique starting position adjustment design that guarantees that the pre-set range of motion is never exceeded and the machine is perfectly adapted to its user, especially with its adjustable back pad that provides maximum comfort.

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Dual Axis Technology
converging path of motion
Adjustable back pad
Independent movement

Weight Stack: 138kg (305lbs)

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Weight 671 lbs
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