Hampton Urethane Coated Gel-Pump


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Grade: Commercial
Warranty: 6 months
Ships: Assembled

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Perfect for the group-exercise barbell wielding culture! Pump, clean, and lunge for years without the fear of recycled odors and the decomposition of their group exercise products.
The Hampton Gel-Pump-System® features urethane coated plates, completely odorless, with stainless steel hubs for easy access on and off the bar.
Our attractive racking system rolls anywhere you are holding your classes.

Club Pack: Gel Pump System® – (40) 10 lb. plates, (40) 5 lb. plates, (40) 2.5 lb. plates + 19 weighted bars w/ evenly distributed & contoured urethane grips + 20 pairs of Standard (1″) Spring Lock Collars (w/ Rubber Tabs) + 1 Gel-Pump-System® Rack (includes 4 casters)

Additional Features:
Two lockable storage compartments for the collars.
Safety locking wire threaded throughout the rack to organize and keep the plates and bars protected when finished using.

Additional information

Weight 1100 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 48 × 56 in